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Podcast Hosting and Production

Want to start a podcast but not sure if it's right for you or not sure how to do it yourself? Bindi can help bring your podcast dream to life by mapping out what you need and teaching you everything you need to get started.

Could your business or organisation benefit from a podcast that is hosted, produced and promoted for you? Bindi can work with you to find what is the best fit for you and deliver end-to-end services for podcast production including research, interviews, recording, editing, publishing and promoting. 

If you have an existing podcast and want to make it sound even better, Bindi can help you take it to the next level to elevate your distribution and provide guidance on audio optimisation.

Digital Communications - Websites & Social Media

It's great to have a website and social media, but what's the point if nobody sees it? Bindi can show you a series of simple strategies and tools to take control of your digital communications so it works holistically for you in an affordable way. A customised solution for your business is just an appointment away. Get started with a website review. 

Sound Recording

Sound can do what no other communication medium can and if you aren't thinking outside the box for your business, you could be missing out. With the ways we consume content changing daily, you need to be prepared for voice assistants and AI devices. Bindi can help you to record whatever your sound needs are to support your project or business - this could be recording podcasts, meditations, audio books or stories - your imagination is your only limit.